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JavaScript FEDIQ

May 30th 2016

I've had a busy couple of weeks, so I'm going to phone this one in a little bit. The original problem was 'Make this work: duplicate([1,2,3,4,5]) // ([1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5])'. Click the 'Full post' link to discover this one weird trick to concatenate arrays...

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Data Attributes! (What are they good for?)


May 5th 2016

Back to the FEDIQ, and this is my second attempt at answering this question. My first draft got swallowed by software update drama, which, let's be honest is unforgivable (of me). Anyway, 'What are data- attributes good for?' Absolutely some things!

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Inspiring Online


Apr 13th 2016

I have a set of bookmarks in my browser that I flick through when I am looking for some inspiration on the web. This curated site from Tim Holman (and others) is a definite keeper: a lot of strange but technically and technologically brilliant stuff here. I don't think I'd have ever found hands.wtf without it.

Inspiring Online

No Stairway! Denied!

FEDIQ JavaScript CSS

Apr 7th 2016

A short-but-sweet FEDIQ hit today:

'Create a for loop that iterates up to 100 while outputting "fizz" at multiples of 3, "buzz" at multiples of 5 and "fizzbuzz" at multiples of 3 and 5'

Yup, it's FizzBuzz.

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FEDIQ JavaScript DOM

Mar 30th 2016

It's Front End Developer Interview Question time! This installment is brought to you in association with our good friends at left-pad.io. I've looked ahead and decided that I'm going to take this one as a twofer: 'Explain event delegation' and 'Describe event bubbling'. Why not?

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