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The Website Obesity Crisis


Dec 15th 2015

Yet another excellent talk from Maciej Cegłowski. You may have seen some of his points before - a couple of the slides were in his blog post 'The Advertising Bubble' - but this talk also includes the best of Russian literature.

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How Does A Browser Render A Website?

Web Browsers

Dec 8th 2015

An interesting and useful talk by Ryan Seddon, that does exactly what it says on the tin. He explains how the browser parses, lays out and paints web pages, and gives more detail about the reasoning behind a few of our performance best practices.

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Animating Your Brand (24 Ways)


Dec 1st 2015

24 Ways is a seasonal website focusing on web development, that acts as a kind of informative advent calendar for the developer community. The site has been running since 2005(!), and always offers at least one or two little gems (I learnt about git from 24 Ways). Full post >>

Ethan Marcotte on Frameworks


Nov 25th 2015

Ethan Marcotte, the godfather of Responsive Web Design, has released a new book (Responsive Design: Patterns & Principles) and A List Apart published an excerpt from it yesterday.

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Tips for Creating and Exporting Better SVGs


Nov 20th 2015

Sara Souedain's CSS Reference at Codrops is one of my most-clicked bookmarks. The work that she has been doing over the last year or so on SVG has been equally top-notch. In this article she details the best ways to create and export SVGs for the web (from a developer viewpoint).

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ClojureScript for Skeptics


Nov 19th 2015

Compile-to-JavaScript languages like TypeScript - and the subject of this video, ClojureScript - seem to be pretty big at the moment (as is JavaScript-to-JavaScript transpilation, cf. Babel). This talk by Derek Slager lays out the current state of the ClojureScript world, and what challenges they need to tackle in order to break through to the wider web development community.

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A Single Source of Truthyness

JavaScript Podcasts Learning

Nov 11th 2015

Kyle Simpson (Getify) - author of the book series 'You Don't Know JS' - was a recent guest on Scott Hanselman's 'Hanselminutes' podcast. During the conversation he said something about what makes JavaScript developers different that really struck home with me.

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